Writings on Racing

The following links contain writings about California racing.

There has been a tremendous amount of misinformation circulating about the circuit, and the objective of these writings is to provide facts to those not familiar with the sport.

Headlines are not the order of things here. Information is.

Writing #1:

The Governor of California recently commented about Thoroughbred racing in California, but there were multiple pieces of information not mentioned you should be aware of. Click on the link to find out more!

Progress Has Been Made

Another Non-Profit Exposed: Read about an anti-racing organization that has been negligent in reporting facts and holds a scary belief when it comes to Thoroughbreds. In short, the ultimate wish the group has is extreme.

PETA is a Bully:This is an article about the organization PETA, which has been involved in some questionable practices over time, and are seen as hypocritical by many. Read on to see why.

Thoughts and Observations on Santa Anita's Opening Weekend:Here is a look back at Santa Anita's 2019 opening weekend!

A Look at Southern California's 2021 Kentucky Derby Hopefuls:Here is a study of the local three-year-olds we might see race on the first Saturday in May!