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April 30th: Hi, folks! On Saturday, come visit the We Support Horse Racing Action Group for and show your love for horse racing. You can find the group on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Share stories about past Derbies and Derby winners that made an impression on you, or talk about the Arkansas Derby or Oaklawn Handicaps, and you handicappers out there are welcome to discuss your thoughts on those races (as well as the Virtual Kentucky Derby).

Send stories and photos, too, and use the following hashtags!





We Support HR Action Group

April 27: Hi, folks: We have until 5 pm Pacific time today to submit public comments for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors meeting to help reopen Santa Anita!

If you want to send public comments, here is how you can do it!

Send a letter of support to

Adding agenda item numbers in the letter is requested. Use one of these 3:

14-Worker Protections

19-Safely Reopening LA County

20-LA County Roadmap to Economic Recovery

In addition, what is being termed as a "well-coordinated caravan" and demonstration is set for tomorrow, April 28th, in front of the LA County Supervisors meeting at 11 am Pacific time. Here is the address:

500 W. Temple Street, Los Angeles, Calif.

If you are in the area, show your support for live racing. Let your voices be heard!

April 13: Hi, everyone! The current situation involving the backstretch workers at Santa Anita made the local news today. Here is the address to the video so all can see what a terrible time those folks are going through right now. They need to bring live racing back, and conducting it without the public for right now is perfectly reasonable and essential!:

ABC 7 Video on Santa Anita Backstretch Workers

March 28: Hi everyone! By now you have heard of live racing being temporarily suspended at Santa Anita. The decision has been criticized since workers must be on track to tend to Thoroughbreds. If you want live racing to resume, send an email to LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger. I have been told the decision to get racing going again is hers. Her email address is

Show your support for racing and send those emails!

June 17th: The Santa Anita backstretch workers will be showing unity this Thursday at a press conference at Clockers' Corner. Please show your support!

Please Note: The press conference will be at 11:45 a.m., not 10:45 as previously announced.

Press Conference

June 20th: Hi everyone,

It has come to my attention that a petition has been circulating online about helping California racing, and the name of this website was used in said petition.

This website was NOT involved in the creation of that petition, and that includes words from this page being used. I was never contacted about possibly using those words at any time.

This also affects a group named We Support Horse Racing, and the following comes from one of their members:

Please read this disclaimer from Karen Norton:

URGENT! Before you donate any money to this change petition, we need to first learn where the money is going? It claims to be used " to get on the agenda" What agenda? The legislators already had their committee meeting and we are past that. It does not cost money to get on their agenda if you plan to speak. I have tagged the California Senate minority leader. And the assemblyman from Bakersfield. If anyone wants to get on their committee panels to speak ask me. We want to get clarification on who us actually receiving any money from this petition. I have had people, in fact, think the money was going to our group to buy shirts for the press conference today. Let's be careful about giving money to a group who is not actually using it for this purpose. We have spent thousands out of our own pockets handing out wristbands and buttons. We may ask for a few donations if we keep ordering, but. To answer the questions? No. This is not our group raising this money."

I will be speaking with the website where the petition is listed. Again, this website is NOT affiliated with the Support California Horse Racing petition!

Also, for those who wish to use something from my website, please ask permission. I did not okay any information being used for that petition, and do not want my words used without my consent.

To remove your name from that petition, please follow this link.

June 21st: Hi, folks. One of our friends has disclosed that racing protesters shall be at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds this Sunday. The group We Support Horse Racing (who have an awesome page on Facebook you all should check out) will be at the main entrance holding a pro racing rally on Sunday at 10:45 a.m. If you are in the area, they would love your support. And if you have a pro-racing sign, bring it, too!

June 22nd: Hi, everyone. Please listen to today's edition of the Thoroughbred Los Angeles radio show. One of the featured guests is Oscar De La Torre, who is an advocate for the backstretch workers of Santa Anita and was instrumental in organizing the rally at the the track Thursday. This is a great interview. To access it, go to this website and click on the link.

June 23rd: Good morning, folks. Here is part of the backstretch workers' rally at Santa Anita from this past Thursday on video. Check it out to hear the stories of some of those who work at the track and what racing means to them.

June 24th: Hi, everyone! This is just to thank you for helping this website reach 10,000 views! This is a big milestone, and the first of what is hoped to be many of those! Thank you all for your support and helping get the word out about supporting California horse racing!

June 27th: Hi, folks! Big news came today! The Breeders' Cup will remain at Santa Anita!

July 9th: Hi, everyone! This is to thank all of you who visit this website! It recently logged more than 11,000 views, and is on its way to reaching the 12,000 mark! Thank you all for your support of California racing!

July 17th: Hi, everyone! Happy Opening Day at Del Mar! Here's hoping for a safe and great meet by the beach! More updates are coming to this page soon, so continue to check back, and thank you for your support of California horse racing!

July 17th: Great news everyone! Del Mar's Opening Day went well and was completely safe! Also, the recently concluded Los Alamitos Summer meet had no deaths at all. Here is hoping the best as we continue on into summer.

July 22nd: Big news, folks! The website has now surpassed 12,000 visits! We are reaching people, and it is thanks to all of you! Thank you all for supporting horse racing in California!

July 25th: Hi, everyone. If you are at Del Mar on Saturday morning, July 27th, please join the We Support Horse Racing Action Group for their rally in support of Thoroughbred racing. It will begin at 11:30 a.m. California time, and is scheduled to go on until 2 p.m. Please come and show your support!

July 27th: Hi, everyone. Yours truly received this information earlier tonight. It relates to a vote from earlier this week about a recommendation of opposing horse racing and any horse racing related activities in the City of Los Angeles. The vote did not get the majority of votes needed, but the matter is expected to come up again at a future meeting of the Los Angeles County Animal Commissioners. Visit the website of the Animal Commissioners and email them about your support for California racing and encourage them to oppose the measure! You can find their contact information on the website! Please do so by Sunday, July 28th! Let's save California racing!

August 21st: Hi, everyone! We have received word of an anti-racing protest near the Del Mar Hilton on Thursday, August 22nd, at 8:30 a.m. This will happen right before the California Horse Racing Board meeting. If you are in the area, come and show your support for California racing and its workers! Your voices are being heard, so please head out there and show your love for the sport!

September 14th: Hi, folks: There will be a pro racing rally hosted by the We Support Horse Racing Group at Los Alamitos Race Course this Sunday, September 15th, at 11 a.m.! Please come to Los Al and show your love for racing with this great group who does an outstanding job standing up for the sport!


October 13th: Good morning, folks! Dozens of people held a successful pro racing rally at Santa Anita on Saturday! Their voices are being heard, and the word is more rallies are coming! If you get the chance, show your support to the great backstretch workers at a future rally!

Congratulations to those who put on a successful pro-racing rally at Santa Anita yesterday! Keep it up, folks! Your voices are being heard!

Read more about Saturday's rally by clicking on the following link! October 12th Rally

November 14th: Hi, everyone! We have seen some great support in recent days thanks to two knowledgeable people in the sport of Thoroughbred racing!

They have raised terrific points and given great perspectives, and there is information backed up by facts!

You are encouraged to read the following letter by Ferrin Peterson, an up and coming jockey in California who is also a veterinarian. She clearly knows about horses and the care they receive in racing!

Ferrin Peterson

Also, read what former jockey Donna Brothers has written, for she backs up what she writes with facts, and goes very in depth on the love and care of Thoroughbreds.

You are encouraged to share what both Ferrin and Donna wrote! Spread it to the public, who need to read both of them and realize the good of Thoroughbred racing!

November 20th: Hi, gang! On Thursday, November 21, at the Del Mar Hilton, there will be a California Horse Racing Board meeting, and all supporters of Thoroughbred racing are being called on to show their support as it is expected there will be anti-racing protestors there. The meeting begins at 9:30 am.

To you supporters of California racing, and racing in general, your voices are being heard, and they can be heard again tomorrow!

December 11th: Good evening, everyone! This is to let you know the California Horse Racing Board will have its monthly meeting at Los Alamitos at 9:30 am Thursday, December 12th. You are encouraged to attend and speak out for racing. Anti-activists are expected to be there, so show your support!

Also, there will be a rally with the We Support Horse Racing Group at Los Alamitos this Saturday, December 14th at 10 am! Show your support for racing with this great group that has made terrific efforts in helping the sport!

December 21st: Hi everyone! The Los Angeles County District Attorney has released its report on the events at Santa Anita from earlier this year, and no criminal wrongdoing was found. Also, there were several safety recommendations in the report, a number of which have been implemented already. More will be said about this on here in the future, but this is good news and shows how people in racing love and care for the horses.

December 31st: Hi everyone! May you all have a Happy New Year!

You will find something new in the Writings on Racing section of the website. It is a look back on what was a terrific opening weekend at Santa Anita! Hope you enjoy it!

January 12th: Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting this website! We have exceeded 20,000 visits as of today, and we are going for much more! Thank you all for your support, it means a lot!