Click on the following links to learn more about how many people in California love, care, and assist Thoroughbreds, and how they help the people in the industry, too!

Cal Racing Cares: Discover California racing's commitment to its equines and read about the information regarding research, veterinary care, and the people involved with the Thoroughbreds!

California Retirement Management Account (CARMA): CARMA is dedicated to helping horses as they start a new chapter after they finish their racing careers. Many are involved with these horses as they start a new chapter. Learn what they do to help them!

California Thoroughbred Farm Managers Association (CTFMA): These folks provide various services to those who are new to Thoroughbred racing and breeding, and they have a passion for Thoroughbreds!

California Thoroughbred Racing Association (CTBA): Founded more than 80 years ago, the CTBA is a non-profit group that plays a pivotal role in the California racing industry. Click on the link to learn about what the organization does and what its objectives are!

California Thoroughbred Horsemen's Foundation (CTHF): California racing is indeed a family, and this organization's goal is to assist the unsung heroes of racing, the backstretch workers, and their families, with certain needs!

Edwin J. Gregson Foundation: Formed in 1998, this non-profit has the purpose of creating programs that will help those in the backstretch and their loved ones!

I Am Horse Racing: Meet various racing personalities, including some from California, as they talk about their time in the sport!

Southern California Equine Foundation: This is a respected non-profit organization known for its long standing contributions to relating to medical research for horses!

June 20th, 2019 Backstretch Rally at Santa Anita: Click on this link to watch part of the rally featuring the Santa Anita backstretch workers and learn some of their stories!