About This Page

California horse racing enriches the lives of thousands of people. They are grooms, hotwalkers, pari-mutuel clerks, breeders, trainers, assistant trainers, jockeys, and scores of everyday folks who are living their dreams and passion.

The goal of this website is to give the general public an idea of what the sport in the Golden State means to those who are employed in it, and to those who follow it.

As you traverse through these pages, you will find that these are great people who love and care about their Thoroughbreds, and it has been said by many that they love those horses more than themselves. You are going to see that on another website in the links page as well.

The world of California horse racing contains the stories, hopes, dreams, and lives of countless individuals, both human and equine, and you shall learn about the sport and its great folks during your visit.

Simply put, they are one big family, and this page is going to give them a voice.